My artistic practice often focuses on an object’s genealogy, as that object transits different usages and stages of interest through different disciplines, such as art and design. Considering everyday objects that are close to me, such as the luggage trolley, the easel, and domestic items like the ironing board, I create a collection of textile costumes specifically designed for them. I use some of those costumes to explore a particular artist’s oeuvre that might have influenced the object’s design, or which have addressed an art historical movement or realm, such as public art. Beyond these original associative references, the costume collection that results from this process aims to create a variety of characters embodying notions related to taste.

Installation views:
- Roll up (one’s) sleeves, Tegenboschvanvreden Amsterdam, 2019
- Sumas y Restas (with Kiko Pérez), Instituto Cultural de León, 2019