I had to think of you is a solo exhibition, in which I organize recent and past work according to trends for food franchising image design. The entrance at the Stadtgalerie Sindelfingen’s works as an introduction into the subjects I approach across the show, such as ethnography, decoration, and gastronomy. Inside the museum’s central spaces I recreate different atmospheres according to image design trends categorized as Modern, Minimal, UrbanNature

The remaining two spaces merge a series of large paintings of noodles, different music styles and a video projection. In the projection, I prepare noodle dough on a Verner Panton’s style children’s chair while an audio piece plays short extracts from diverse versions (bachata, techno, among others) of a single song: Unchained Melody. Bringing back through the melody the memory of a well-known Hollywood scene - Demi Moore making pottery in the 90’s romantic fantasy thriller Ghost - the process of preparing noodle’s dough showed in my video can be read as a sculptural moment.

Installation views:
I had to think of you, Stadtgalerie Sindelfingen, 2017