‘Power dressing’ describes an 80’s fashion trend that focused in supporting the executive woman aiming to ‘break through the glass ceiling’. Various best seller books of the time offered advice on how to dress appropriately to blend in companies’ sectors dominated by the opposite gender. My project reinterprets this advice in a series of assemblages, each containing a central element: either a key component from these fashion consultancies (as, for example, the pussy bow) or a fictional accessory – nonexistent in the market but aligned with this trend’s negotiation (as, for example, foam’s shapes to hide the waist or ‘sideburns’ jewelry to be attached to the ear) -. These central elements are placed on two-dimensional collage-like surfaces, where I experiment with textiles, patterns, domestic objects and other significant references for my research.

Installation views:
Rarely true, Kunstruimte De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, 2019