To cut one’s hair by the moon is the title of my solo show at 45 cbm Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, in which I presented the body of work produced between two haircuts. Crucial elements of different series are organized as a Gesamtkunstwerk in a densely composed installation that unfolds reflections on design, cultural trends and authorship.

Presidents, the first piece of a long-term project, is a central element in the installation. The name of every current head of state in the world is written on a rice grain and placed on a girl’s garment. Each garment consists of a collage of fashion trends observed during the piece’s production year (during 2017, in the case of the mentioned edition). I am committed to produce a new piece for this series under the same principles every 4/5 years (according to an average presidential period) over the entire course of my life. On the walls, leather numbers form the year 2059, in which, according to current life expectancy, my death would take place.

Installation views:
To cut one’s hair by the moon, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden 45 cbm, 2018